An Examination of Tim O'Brien's Tale EASILY Die in a Fight Zone

Civilians Treatment

Tim OBrien is usually If I Die in a Fight Zone is an authentic tale of daily life in the Vietnam War. Tim isn't just the writer of the book, he's also a veteran of the battle. Tim creates an in depth picture of what lifestyle was like for a USA soldier. Tim as well shows the way the soldiers were forced to take care of all Vietnamese as the same person for worries of the Viet Cong soldiers (VC). He tells how soldiers spent their days and nights hour to hour, and minute by minute with enemies and civilians soldiers. These were torn between trusting civilians who may be the V.C. soldiers or capturing civilians in concern with them staying the V.C. soldiers.

If I Die in a Combat Zone is informed through the eye of Tim OBrien. He paints a photo of the horror and the wonder that he saw moving into a land of chaos. It had been the past due 60s and early 70s and america declared battle against the Vietnamese. The V.C. soldiers weren't a regular army. They didn't wear uniforms plus they looked like everybody else in Vietnam. This built trusting and dealing with civilians very hard because, as a soldier, you must never let down your guard. Therefore the only approach to feel secure was to take care of everyone, like the women and children, within the V.C.

It is secure to say that not all the American soldiers cared for the Vietnamese with respect. After