An Introduction to the problem of Affirmative Actions in the United States

When asked about his take on affirmative actions and the quota program used within,

Senator Daniel P. Moynihan responded, "This is just the type of thing we assumed we

were working against."

Senator Moynihan

was among the first political figures to greatly help in the fight against

discrimination in the place of work. He helped in the publishing of the executive buy of equal

employment opportunity. If somebody who felt strongly about Civil Rights stated that

quotas were something that must not be, why are they becoming implemented in big business


Many persons believe

that sexual and racial quotas running a business are interfering with

the amount of qualified or to become more specific, the most competent personnel being hired.

For instance if a white man with a masters level in sales requested a managerial job in

an upper-class clothing store whiten once zone as a dark-colored female with a

bachelors degree in sales, it is extremely possible that the dark-colored female would receive the

position. In this case the business may have previously hired two white men in the